Christina’s Famous Pudding

In the WW Community, we have a saying, “We are tribe”. I have been off and on the program many times but since joining back in 2016, I can say the support from the members through social media has been a great help to me. I mean I can stalk a WW page just as hardcore as a teenage girl can stalk the Kardashians. I love that I can get eye opening tips in the click of a button. I love seeing what works for others but most of all, I love new recipes. I’m a foodie. What can I say? 🤷 The other day I was on our local WW Facebook page and a member posted the simpliest, most delicious recipe for chocolate pudding. I’m not talking Snack Pack out of a cup chocolate pudding. I’m talking French mousse on a lazy day pudding. It taste like a very decadent dessert without all the labor. It is rich, velvety and only takes 10 minutes total to whip up. I can see this pudding being used in many different desserts in my future. You can use it as the base for something fancy or you can do what I do, just whip it up at the first of the week for an easy after dinner treat. So here’s a shout out to Christina Compton for giving us a great recipe that we can all enjoy in a snap. 👏👏👏 Give this recipe a try and be sure to share it with your friends. Everybody needs an easy chocolate fix in their life.

Christina’s Famous Pudding

(It’s going to be famous, it’s that good!)

3 Chocolate Premier Protein Shakes

2 small boxes of Fat Free Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding Mix

Put all of the ingredients in a stand mixer and whip it for 8-10 minutes on high. Make sure to whip the mixture the full time. This is where you developed the rich velvety texture.

That’s it folks, it’s done! Enjoy!

This recipe yields 7 (5.5 ounce servings)

For those on the Freestyle plan, they are 2 SP each.

I like an intense chocolate flavor so I add 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder.

You can use any flavor protein drink or pudding mix.

I imagine different brands of protein shakes would work as well if you have a favorite you use.

Get out and share your ideas. They don’t have to be elaborate. I’m sure I’m going to be using Christina’s recipe for a long time. Simple is good!

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