I just love it when a I get an awesome recipe out of the blue. One of my Weight Watchers buddies just happened to mention turning the 321 cake into a brownie.

It was as simple as putting the cake in the refrigerator and letting it cool. Well you know the cook in me had to kick it up a notch. Honestly guys, this recipe is so easy and it is beyond delicious. It’s a honest to goodness brownie! A real brownie that I can have anytime without making a whole pan to tempt me. If you have that portion control thing down to a science, bless you! Not me! Not sweets of any kind. This will become one of your new favorites! Give it a try.

321 Brownie


3 tablespoons of 321 cake mix (you can find the recipe for the mix on the blog Magic 321 Cake)

1 tablespoon cocoa powder

1 tablespoon of erythritol

Splash of vanilla

2 tablespoons of water

7 grams of chopped walnuts

Stir together and pour in a ramekin you have sprayed with cooking spray. I use the small loaf size pan and it works great. Sprinkle the walnuts on top of the brownie batter. Microwave 45 seconds to 1 minute depending on your microwave. You want it to still be wet around the outside edges.

Last but not least, I want to give credit to my friend who inspired this recipe. Karen Eaton, You are the bomb!

This is Karen’s before and after pictures!

This is a little of Karen’s story… I first “met” Karen on a Facebook page that we have for local Weight Watchers members. Karen always tells the best stories and her food ideas are out of this world. I guess I bonded with Karen first, because she shares my love of sweets. We both have to work our sweets into the plan. We both still eat healthy, delicious food all day. Second, I fell in love with Karen because she was so eager to share and help others in their journey. Karen had gone before us. She was already Lifetime, and she didn’t mind sharing her ideas and knowledge. Not to mention the fact, you definitely wanted to follow her lead, because her food pictures belong in magazines. To put the icing on the cake, Karen’s all about the cake, she knew my struggle. She had lost 46 pounds on her journey to lifetime. She knew my struggles, she felt the same disappoints and celebrated the same victories. Just like all my Weight Watchers friends, we were in it together. Karen lets everybody know that from day one! This past year Karen has been a true example of what Lifetime is all about. You see, most people think once you make Lifetime things are easy breezy. This is not true! It’s hard, it’s hard everyday! You have to continue to be mindful of your “Why” and you have to keep on a straight path every day. Throw into the picture hard obstacles, and Lifetime becomes “life times”. There are ” life times” or times in Lifetime that your “Why” becomes irrelevant and so blurred in the big picture. Karen’s daughter Kellie, battled cancer this year. Can you see how Lifetime suddenly becomes irrelevant? We are all human, and when we suffer through life’s obstacle course, we have to navigate the best we can. To Karen’s advantage, she still had a soft, quiet voice in her head steering her toward the right path but it was just too difficult to stay on course. Understandable, right? Absolutely! None of us are immune to life changes. It’s how we come out of them that makes us who we are. Kellie is now cancer free!!! This is how I see Karen as she emerges from this chapter in her life. First, her spiritual growth is off the chart. She could just stop there and claim the victory in my opinion, but after much soul searching, Karen has found herself back at Weight Watchers and ready to take care of herself again. You see, the seeds that were planted in all those meetings through the years, they were not going to die. They just needed watered a little. To say I love her, I’m grateful for her, and I appreciate her contributions to my journey, is an understatement. Plus, she just inspired my crazy good brownie, you gotta love her! #lifetime #weightwatchers #thestruggleisreal #lifetimes #lifechanges

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  1. Karen Eaton says:

    LOVE you Mona! 😊💖

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