Sweet Southern Coleslaw

Coleslaw is a classic dish that goes great with any meal. The only problem with classic southern slaw is it can be very high in fat and calories. However I have developed a recipe that allows me to lighten it up and my family will never know the difference. This weekend I was watching a cooking show and they added buttermilk to the coleslaw dressing. I decided to try my hand at coleslaw with buttermilk dressing. I think I have a keeper! Give this version of Sweet Southern Coleslaw a try. You might just be bringing this to your next picnic.


8 cups of finely diced cabbage

2 large carrots shredded

1/2 cup Hellman’s Light Mayonnaise

1/3 cup buttermilk

2. tablespoons of red wine vinegar

2&1/2 tablespoons of sugar

Prepare cabbage and carrots

Salt and pepper the cabbage liberally

Make dressing from mayonnaise, buttermilk, red wine vinegar and sugar. Pour over cabbage and carrot mixture. Chill a couple hours before serving.

***If you like your coleslaw sweeter, add a bit of granulated artificial sweetener. I added 2 small packets of Stevia to mine.

Weight Watchers Smart Points 2SP per 1/2 cup.

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