Go to the Table, Just Like Mamaw

There is something about the smell of bacon that we all love. Maybe because it signals the start of a fresh new day. For me it brings back memories of living next door to Mamaw. Her house always had the smell of fresh cooked bacon. In Mamaw’s case, it was really the aroma of fatback. You could walk out our door and smell that smoky scent anytime of the day. She used it in the morning to season gravy and at dinner in a fresh pot of beans or greens. Gone are the days of Mamaw’s kitchen and fatback, but I’m blessed to have memories that take me back. Memories of when coming to the table was second nature. From when Mamaw was younger and her table was full, to the times when she was a widow eating her meals alone, she always ate at the table. That’s why one of the habits I changed when I decided to live healthier, was to quit eating in the living room. I did this because Mamaw had something going on all those years ago. When she sat down at the table, she was having a meal and nourishing her body. Not mindlessly eating in a hurry. Take the time to eat at the table. You will soon find how satisfying it is to reset and nourish, just like Mamaw.

You can enjoy breakfast and not go overboard on calories. I love to add those special touches that take it from a simple meal, to a breakfast even Mamaw would be proud of.

For those following the Weight Watchers plan, you can have this satisfying meal for only 5SP. Don’t forget to check out my recipe for Guiltless Donut in the blog Donut Days.


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